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Stock Market Data for Google Sheets. We give you the data and the tools for smarter investing.


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Get the data that matters.

Pull the latest stock data for any asset on multiple markets. Use it to build a portfolio tracker, analyze market trends, or for whatever you can think of. You’re only limited by your own imagination.

The data available includes:

  • Current price
  • Daily Open, Close, Volume, High and Low
  • Forward and Trailing PE
  • Market Cap
  • Book Value
  • Shares Outstanding
  • and much more!
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Dig deeper to unlock new insights.

Go beyond the basics and understand more about a stock. Find your edge.

Pull data like:

  • 52 Week High, Low, and Change
  • Bid and Ask Prices
  • 52 Week High, Low, and Change
  • 50 and 200 Day Averages
  • Short Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
  • Total Debt
  • and much more!
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What’s the difference between SHEETS MARKET DATA and GOOGLE FINANCE?

GOOGLE FINANCE is a free function that comes included in all Google Spreadsheets by default. It’s Google’s solution for pulling in stock market data into your spreadsheets. It’s a fine solution if you just want simple stocks data for US Stocks. But if you want more data in more markets, then you’ll want to use the Sheets Market Data add-on.

The Sheets Market Data add-on includes tons of additional data that you can pull into your spreadsheets. It has everything GOOGLE FINANCE offers plus a lot more. And that’s just the free features. With a Pro membership, you get access to even more features, such as options data, income statement data, balance sheet statement data, cash flow statement data, earnings data, historical data, and the ability to pass a range of data rather than one at a time!